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If you are looking for a manufacturer of customised high quality, international standard sports apparel for your club, event or workplace then Vibrant® has the solution. Specialising in the production, wholesale and customisation of sports apparel, Vibrant® has offices and facilities in Vietnam and Australia. Vibrant® works with clients to achieve the required outcome, on time and within budget. Quality assurance is managed by Glotex™ senior management and the operation is overseen by western management. Glotex™ is a registered trade mark of Glotex™.

Whether you are a sporting club looking for uniforms for your next season or an event management organisation requiring cost effective sports attire to provide to participants, Glotex™ sports garment manufacture can assist you throughout the process.

Glotex™ provides for a multitude of different clients including:

-    Event management companies
-    Private corporations
-    Charity groups and not for profit organisations
-    Sports clubs: Football, cricket, golf, athletics, water sports, cycling, running, walking, aerobics, gymnasium, tennis, squash, basketball, netball, fishing, hunting, motor sports (spectator), safety apparel and many more
-    Sport associations
-    Gymnasiums
-    Event organisers
-    Shops and Clients seeking their own brand
-    Sports apparel designers
-    Sport associations
-    Gymnasiums
-    Event organisers
-    Shops and Clients seeking their own brand
-    Sports apparel designers

We offer a wide range of services from design to production, printing and embroidery. Glotex™ are available to produce small production runs (depending on the required garments) and have low set up costs for printing.

Providing fast turn around on production and quality service and advice, Glotex™ works closely with clients to ensure that your sports apparel and specific requirements are produced in a timely, cost effective manner.

Minimum manufacture requirement is 150 – 200 per garment and per print design. Sizes may vary but design and print must be same for all garments

-    Buyer label
-    OEM manufacture services
-    Sample production
-    Quality assureance inspections
-    Design
-    Prodcution
-    Printing
-    Garment and apparel production

sweat shirt
tee shirt
long sleeves top
track suit
singlet & tank top
sleeveless top
polo shirt
uniforms for the sport and leisure company

polyester garment

cotton/polyester garment

water sport attire

high quality cap

tote bag
For more information please contact our office or email your requirements to us.

Australian head office

Managing all international enqiries (English speaking)

400 Kororoit Creek Rd
Williamstown North, Vic 3016, Australia
Ph. 03 9397 6644 (within Australia)
Ph. +61 3 9397 6644 (International)
Email: info@glotex.com.au

5 / 308 Kororoit Creek Rd
Williamstown North, Vic 3016

Vietnam head office

Servicing Asia (Vietnamese, English, Japanese speaking)

Cay Sao, Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam.
Ph. +84 8 37755 650
Email: info@glotex.com.au
Glotex™ sports clothing and apparel manufacture services include:

- Providing sports clothing manufacture in Vietnam

- Customised sports apparel for events, special event clothing and customisation

- Clothing and Garment production in Vietnam

- Sports apparel, corporate uniforms and safety attire design and manufacture services Australia

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